Carbon Graphite

Carbon Graphite Material

This Grade is a mixture of Hard Carbon and Synthetic Graphite, it would mainly be applied to Universal, Fractional Horse Power Motors and Battery Operated Motors. The CAG-grades have the following characteristics:

  • It has a hard structure which makes it suitable for Heavy Duty Operations that may cause other Graphite Grades to break or chip,
  • It has certain abrasive or polishing capabilities that are used in commutators with flash Mica,or other applications that polishing or cleaning effect may be require.
  • Current Densities of between 3-8 A/cm²,
  • Permissible Peripheral Speeds 40 m/s,
  • The Specific Resistance can vary from very low (i.e. in CE battery-operated machines) to very high (+/- 100,000 µΩ/cm, to meet the extreme conditions of very low amperage at very high speeds), and
  • Suitable for Commutators with Flush Mica.

Hard grades – small universal motors, drills, polishers, fans, low power generators and motors with low current ratings, as well as battery operated motors. Very hard grades – single phase universal motors of low current rating and fairly high peripheral speed example: domestic appliances, lawn-mowers, edge-trimmers.