Resin Bonded Graphite

Resin Bonded Graphite Material

Commonly know as Bakelite Graphite, GR-grades are most suitable for AC Commutator Motors, Variable Speed Motors i.e. the Schrage and Schorch Type Motors that require a high voltage drop. The GR-grades have the following characteristics:

  • due to Resin-bonding, the GR-grades have a high specific resistance,
  • a relatively low Current Density of 2 to 8 A/cm² continuously and short-term peaks of 10 A/cm² is allowed,
  • the Co-efficient of Friction is low to very low,
  • medium to low Shore Hardness, and
  • it is a relatively high Density Material.

GR – GRADES: Used on fractional horsepower machines. As well as DC machines with difficult commutation.  Characteristics also suitable on variable speed motors.  General use is on universal motors where high contact drop in the brush is required.

TC grades are specially treated to suit thyristor control drives from very small drives up to 18kw motors. It has very high lubricating properties.