History of Electrographite Carbon Co. (Pty) Ltd.

Electrographite Carbon Co. (Pty) Ltd.was established in 1974 on our existing premises by the late Mr. Svatopluk Malinsky. Mr. S. Malinsky developed his own technology during the last years of the Second World War in Czech Republic and set up his first company for the manufacture of Carbon and Graphite in Argentina in 1949. That technology was passed onto his sons and remains as a family asset since then.
In 1974 we were the first company ever established in South Africa to produce the entire range of carbon and graphite products as a 100 % local manufacturer, and is growing from strength to strength since then.

Mr. Svatopluk Malinsky (10/05/1915 – 26/11/1992) Founder of Carbones Electricos Alfa-Omega S.R.L. (1949) and Electrographite Carbon Co. (Pty) Ltd. (1974).